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Advanced Hosted PBX

Digiums open source masterpiece, FreePBX, has become a telephony kingpin. Supported by Digium and a huge Internet user base, it has become a matter of course for medium and large businesses alike. A word of warning: Configuring FreePBX is a job for an expert but if your organization is already familiar with this popular platform, we can host it for you in one of our secure facilities. Patches, updates, and hardware failures will never have to cross your mind again.


Hosted PBX - Normal Use

Hosting for $30/month with one-time $25 setup. Lines are $25/month each with one-time $10 setup.

Most businesses not engaged in "call center" activities use way less than 1000 minutes per month per line. Our Normal Use Lines are perfect if you don't have job roles in your company that talk on the phone exclusively (i.e. outbound sales lead generation, heavy-use tech support lines, or full-time appointment verification). With local calling to the US, Canada and parts of 51 countries internationally, the savings on these lines typically amounts to one third the cost of wireline. If you go over, our rates will not break you with average rates at 2.49 cents per minute (rates based on actual interchange fees).



Hosted PBX - Heavy Use

Hosting for $30/month with one-time $25 setup. Lines are $7/month each with one-time $10 setup.

For businesses that know they will exceed our Normal Use Lines, we still have a great product in our Heavy Use Lines. Usage rate average 1.49 cents per minute (rates are based on actual interchange fees).



How many lines do I need?

The number of lines needed are the number of concurrent phone calls that need to take place based on your business model.

There is no minimum number of lines required, however, it should be considered that at least two lines are required for features using more than one external call such as call forwarding (the inbound call and the corresponding outbound call for forwarding).

Standard Features
Phone Number
A single phone number is provided at no cost. You may keep your current number but the cost to keep your number is $10.00.
Call Waiting
Call Waiting lets you receive and answer an incoming call when you're already engaged in an active call. After a notification, you can put your first call on hold and answer the second call, or you can send the second call to voicemail. Call Waiting is a free feature included in all residential plans.
Caller ID
Caller Identification (or Caller ID) lets you know who is calling before you answer the call. Caller ID displays the phone number of an incoming call on your device screen. Calls to another phone number will display the caller's phone number on the recipient's Caller ID. The caller's name may also appear if the recipient has the calling party's name listed in their devices address book or contact list.Limitations of other carriers may affect Caller ID
3-way Calling
3-Way Calling lets you connect a third person to your two-way conversation. There is no additional cost for this feature if used for calls within your calling plan.
Call Forwarding
With this feature, you can forward your calls to another phone number, including your home, office or cell phone.
Call Return
Return ANY call from the last month.
Get your voicemails sent as a sound file to any email address.
Soft-phone Support
Have your land line connected to your cell phone through a SIP softphone.
Simultaneous Ring (SimRing), an optional feature, allows a pre-defined group of up to 3 phones to ring simultaneously when a specified telephone number is called. The first phone to pick up the line gets the call.
Follow Me lets you direct calls to a single or multiple phone numbers and have them ring one after the other. Calls can be directed to your home, office, mobile or any phone. Your calls will get to you no matter where you are.
Anonymous Call Handling
Anonymous Call Handling rejects calls from people who intentionally block delivery of their calling party name and/or number.
Fallback Number
A fallback number takes over the calls if a number is detected as not available.
Surprise Toll Protection
Dialing an out-of-plan number requests a rate confirmation.
Do Not Disturb
Send all calls to voicemail while you are busy
Telemarketer Blocker
Play a disconnect tone before ringing.
Available Add-On Services
Enhanced 911
Enhanced 911 or E911 service is a North American telephone network (NANP) feature of the 911 emergency-calling system that automatically associates a physical address with the calling party's telephone number
Digital Life Account
All residential lines come with the SIP "Digital Life" capability which allows the end user to have multiple devices (Android devices, softphones, iPhones, iPads, SIP desk phones, video phones, etc) all tied to the same line in a manner similar to a house wired with analog lines to multiple phone jacks. If someone calls through on the line, it rings all devices and whoever picks up first controls the line. If another call comes in, call waiting beeps on the device in use, but the other devices don't ring. If the other devices attempt to make a call while the first one is in use, they get a message that the line is in use.
Phone Numbers
Additional phone numbers can be applied to any account.
Toll-Free Phone Numbers
Toll-Free numbers are available