Yodolephone wants to bring you pure value.

A big change has been happening in the telecommunications industry over the past few years. You have probably seen the never-ending parade of advertisements for cheaper phone service yourself. Along with lower prices, the new breed of phone companies want to give you more features too. This promise of low-cost service with more features has been extended to both the homes and businesses.

Yodolephone wants to be your phone service provider. In order to earn your patronage, we want to bring you all the savings and features becoming common-place in the industry today along with the rock-solid reliability and stability usually found only in traditional phone companies. To accomplish this, Yodolephone has spent years bringing together the best technologies with the best relationships with industry leaders. When you use Yodolephone's services, you actually get the best of both worlds because you are taking advantage of both worlds.

For residential customers, Yodolephone is priced to keep you from sacrificing the convenience and quality of a real home phone by using a cell phone full time or cheap computer-connected service. For business customers, Yodolephone not only saves a lot of money, but at the same time opens up new possibility for a business to be available to its own customers. Whether Yodolephone is working for your home or your business, you can always count on us to be there for you when you need us!

  • Residential Service

    Call locally to the United States, Canada, and 51 countries internationally. Get all the features you depend on like call waiting, Caller ID, call forwarding, and three-way calling with advanced features like voicemail-to-email and sharing a phone line with multiple locations and softphones.

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  • Business Service

    Services for all sizes of businesses from the simpliest analog line and handset to full featured digital systems to digital line replacement, all with our award winning Maximum Value Routing access to over 30 phone carriers in the US and worldwide. Never negotiate another phone contract with our forever-competitive service model.

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  • Fax Service

    Our products are so far beyond simple faxing, it's almost a shame to call them fax lines. Choose from a simple fax line replacement connected to a fax machine, send and receive faxes via email, or use a combination of fax machines and email for both inbound and outbound document transmittal for the ultimate in flexibility.

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  • Control My Settings

    Log into your account and Yodolephone's powerful systems automatically give you a check-up to see if your services are properly configured. You can also update your payment information, configure your services, add more services, and get help from our support team.

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